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    Trouble in registering technical support certificate at Forum Nokia

    Hi All,

    I 've bought CodeWarrior development studio for Symbian OS V2.8 personal edition last week.

    While trying to register my product, the registration site didn't accept the technical support number that had come along with the registration key as well. The site said the tech support number is invalid.
    So I simply got my product registered and not the technical support.

    I later asked the metrtowerks licensing team to do the tech support registration for me, for which they asked me to register on the Forum Nokia and then get registered for the codewarrior support.

    Now I'm facing a strange problem.
    Before purchasing CodeWarrior toolkit, I was already a member of Forum Nokia.

    I registered my CodeWarrior personal edition using the same email id as that of the Forum Nokia one but with a different user name.
    Now when registering for the tech support program through the support certificate, I was asked to use the same credentials viz Username and email id.

    Here lies the problem. even though the user name for my registered product is different but email id is the same as a result, it doesn' t allows me to register my tech support certificate for CodeWarrior support.

    Can some one from Forum Nokia codewarrior support help me in this regard?

    I've written a lot of times to Metrowerks licensing team but they don't even bother to reply. If this is the kind of service I'm getting from them, it's better not to use their product forever.
    This is proving to be a harrowing experience for me.

    Expecting some help from this quarter.

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    I'm looking into this for you and will let you know as soon as I have a resolution for you on this problem. I apologize for all the confusion this has created and all the trouble you are having.

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    I checked into this further for you and your support contract has been added under your old Forum Nokia ID login. Please login using the old ID and let me know if you are still having problems.

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