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    I am unable to send data to the securesocket and problem with the making connection

    My Problems are:-

    I am creatinng one client and one server.I developed clent in Symbian os c++ using secure sockets(it is secure).I am using server it is in JAVA.

    While I am creating the socket (secured) no problem but while sending data it is giving lot of problems.

    Compailing and everything is fine.But execution gives different problems.Some times my system is going to crash somany times while I am using the Emulator for execution.

    How handle errors like e32user CBase 21 and System error and KERN EXEC errors in the emulators.

    Please suggest me how handle the situation while client sending data to the server .Give code or suggestion for me it must cheking all the situations like packets handling and coneection checkings.

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