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    My Codewarrior Import Project wizard has disabled next button!

    Does anybody have any ideas why the "Next" button is disabled in my import mmp wizard?

    I have Symbian and Nokia as platform options and no matter what SDK I click the next button remains disabled.

    This tool is run from the file menu on Codewarrier professional. A collegue with a 15 eval version of same tool doesn't have this problem. I've just purchased and installed my license.
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    You may have a malformed name in your devices.xml. It should be of the form "com.<vendor>.<sdk>" without spaces or extra periods. Perhaps you can post what your devices.xml content is?


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    You are correct! I followed instructions from Motorola for a new SDK and they had me add a device using.

    devices -add q: q: @Device:Motorola.com

    This was the problem. It seems that I need another .xxx on the end of this for it to work. I just edited the xml and added .UIQ2_1 on the end and all is well. The next button is back.

    So it seems that a device needs to be formated as


    i.e. @A1000:com.motorola.UIQ2_1

    This only seems to be a problem for Codewarrior as everything from the command line was ok.

    Thanks for the help.

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