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    Help with creating Images..Pls

    Hi. Can anyone help me with the createImage method.

    As we know, images that we would want to create are (should be) stored in the res folder and is created like this:


    The scenario is like this: mobile phones store their images in a specific folder. The task is to get these images from the folder and be able to display this to the user.

    We need to use the createImage method for us to manipulate the images. But I don't know how I could start because I have no idea how to call the images stored in the res folder(or any other location for that matter) without having to know their exact names and format. Its like selecting everything inside the folder (like *.*) and using the createImage method to create images for display to the user. Again, my problem is how to get these images, given the fact that we dont have control of their filenames..or format.

    Can somebody shed some light in this?

    Thank you..
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