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    DB2E Application Installation Fail in Symbian 7 Emulator

    Has anybody install DB2 Everyplace 8.2 or any other application related into the Emulator for NokiaJava SDK S80 before? Well, I'm facing some problem when i finish install and try to install and execute the DB2E. I'm using Windows XP with DB2E 8.2 and MAB 8.1.4

    The DB2 Everyplace provide the installer for DB2e including wit some sample applications as well. The installing package which provide DB2E engine, DB2E jdbc, and Command Line Processor (CLP):-
    <%INSTALLDIR%>\DB2Everyplace\Clients\symbian7\database\en_US\ install\UIQ\wins\DB2e_Symbian7.sis

    After the installation is done, i tried to execute the DB2eCLP. The application can be opened but once i try to open the CLP to write some query, the application is closed automatically. Somemore i couldnt be able to run the sample application (PersonList and VNurse) with the message promt out "Unable to start the application "

    Please Help, thanks

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    Are you now using ARM binary code in the emulator enviroment ?

    Br V

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    Nope, it's a SIS for emulator system
    I just realized the communicator is based on symbian os 7 crystal device
    and the SIS is for UIQ device
    is there any differences between these two user interface?

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