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    7710 MMAPI (Camera) Support?

    Hey all,

    I'm currently on quest(!) to find a touch-screen java (MIDP20) device that implements the camera-control (i.e. take a photo) portion of the MMAPI.

    I see on the tech spec page that the new Nokia 7710 is listed as having MMAPI support. Now often this can mean the manufacturer has only implemented a small subset of the API (usually leaving out the camera control).

    Seeing as Nokia have been brilliant with the MMAPI support in the series60 phones, I have my fingers crossed that they have also included this in the nokia 7710!?

    If not..... is there *any* way of controlling the 7710 camera via java..? I'm pretty much tearing my hair out trying to find a touch screen java device that allows the midlet to take a photo!

    any help/input/suggestions appreciated,

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    > Seeing as Nokia have been brilliant with the MMAPI support in the series60 phones.

    6600 and 6260 would be very bad examples for this "brilliantness" so


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    Well by 'brilliant' I meant they did actually make the effort to support the (full) MMAPI spec! :-) (unlike the other device manufacturers..)

    So no one can tell me if the MMAPI in the nokia 7710 has camera access..??


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    I have 7710 and have played the MMAPI. I could create players and take snapshots. But the problem was, when I asked for 1024x800 (max) image using
    byte [] raw = vidCon .getSnapshot("encoding=jpeg&width=1024&height=800");

    I actually get an image which looks like is not truely high res. It looks it is actaully 160x124 (default for video player mode) and then stretched to 1024x800.

    I am making a separate post for this too


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    MMAPI implementation in Symbian don't give us to make a snapshot in more than 160x120 resolution.
    I think it's a problem of Symbian and JVM

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