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    Is it legal?? (Hacking tools in Toolkits?)

    What is nokia doing infesting hacking tools in the development kit for mobile phones. and its SDK kit?

    My Panda antivirus has discovered 2 hacking tools in these programs.




    anyone explain what these are?

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    What do you (or Panda) mean by "hacking tools", exactly?

    Many development tools (even built-in operating system apps) can be used for "hacking".

    Note also that many virus scanners are not really smart about the purpose of apps and do quite often tend to report so called "false positives" (which the vendors then fix, if reported to them). In such a case it is advisable to double-check that you have the latest version of the scanner, and the latest virus signature file, and probably also re-check with another scanner by some other manufacturer.

    It might also be a good idea to state: version of the virus scanner you use, virus signature file version and date, SDK version and name these apps are coming from, and whether any other virus scanner reports the same (and the other scanner's version and signature file details, too)

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