Hi, everybody,
I have tried the audio stream example from Nokia, it works with some problems: I always get the same buffer after the input buffer was filled out. Ihave tried serveral ways to resolve this problem, but unfortunately each time I got the same one.
The following is part of my code:
...MaiscBufferCopied(TInt aError, const TDesC8 & aRecordBuffer){
if (aError==KErrNone) {
// this buffer is for next recording process.
TDes8* buffer;
buffer = new(ELeave) TBuf8<KStreamBufferSize>;
// copy the content of the filled buffer
HBufC8* temp = aRecordBuffer.AllocL();
// check the copied buffer and put them into somewhere
// do the next recording
Is there any wrong understanding in this section?
Look forward to any tipps. Thanks