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    structure of media object (MMS body)?????


    I don't understand the structure of the MMS body.
    A MMS (according to the specifications) is composed of :
    MMS Header | MMS body

    What the MMS body id defined?
    If I have 4 media objects (smil presentation, a gif, text, arm),
    What the MMS body is organized?
    In the WSP specifications, it explains the structure of multipart data.
    Have I to use this structure in order to declare the media objects?
    Is it necessary to define the headers content-type, content-ID, content-location, and X-Wap-Content-URI for each media object?
    What is exactly the structure of the media object?

    Thanks for your help
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    RE: structure of media object (MMS body)?????

    you are right. MMS body consists of multipart data. It conforms to RFC
    also you could go through WAP-209-MMSencapsulation document from WAP Forum which will give you good insight.
    Also refer to "How To create MMs service" by nokia forum.
    MMS header will contain content-type field. this will be set to application/vnd.wap.multipart.related,if MMS contain SMIL data. Otherwise, content-type will contain application/vnd.wap.mixed.

    Each of the media object will be placed in the MMS body in conformance with multipart structure.

    for eg:- here is a small MMS PDU

    MMS Header will contain fields and value like:-

    From : +123/TYPE=PLMN
    To: +134/TYPE+PLMN
    Subject: test message !

    MMS Body will contain fields and data like:-

    here smil data will be there....


    image data..............

    Each of the image object will be sepreated by boundary(delimiter) mentioned as one of the fields in the body.

    you will get a better idea once you go through "How To Create MMs service" by nokia forum.


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