Weird behaviour of LowMem tool ...

I encountered following phenomenon:

Let say my app short caption name is "MyApp" and long caption name is "MyApplicationLong" (which is also the 'name' of the .app file)
When I install the application and open LowMem tool in the list of applications sometimes my-application is listed as "MyApp" and sometimes with "MyApplicationLong".
Also when I launch the application default title is application name and it is also sometime short and sometimes long.
Same happens when observing the application status with TaskSpy program.

So does anyone has idea why this happens?

I wouldnot bother to ask, but it happens that, when LowMem shows my application with longname, it also blocks after some 60K and cannot continue. It blocks even If I start it with 200K which is much more heap that i need to launch...?? On the other hand, If LowMem shows application with short name, e-thing works fine, no errors.... whatsoever ????

All the best