I am developing a client/server application using J2ME. The server is running in desktop PC and client will be implemented through J2ME. For emulation purpose i am using java's Wireless toolkit in client side.
Within this application there is a need for server to send notification to client for starting a new connection i.e. push . I want to use the WAP push for that. The WAP push notification must typically come as SMS to the client.
To generate the WAP Push , i am using Openwave's PAP ( Push Access Protocol) Library. So the server at the first stage sends the WAP Push to a typical gateway. To emulate the WAP gateway, i am using Nokia's Personal WAP gateway. Now this WAP gateway should send SMS to J2ME client for WAP Push notification.
But i am getting the problem at first stage itself. Nokia's WAP emulator opens the UDP 9200 port . But openwave's typical PPG ( Push Proxy gateway) address are formed through java.net.URL which can't obviously connect to UDP.
So is there any solution to simulate the above mentioned situation completely , including java's MIDP emulator , a emulated WAP gateway and a WAP push library to initiate WAP Push ?