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    Unhappy whic version of symbian is required for bluetooth application development

    HI, Iam working on symbain but iam new to bluetooth technology and i would like to know which version of symbian is good to work with. Iam trying to run some bluetooth example applications from symbian v1.2 but iam receiving "bluetooth system error" does it require bluetooth card to work with it. last query is that iam anable to switch on bluetooth in series60 emulator. kindly repply as fast as u can for my queries.

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    When running Bluetooth applications in the Series 60 emulator, you have two choices:
    1. use the emulator with compatible Bluetooth hardware (see instructions in the document 'Setting Up and Using Bluetooth Hardware with Development Tools' in forum.nokia.com
    | Technologies | Bluetooth Documents.

    2. simulate Bluetooth traffic on the PC. This is possible when you have also installed Nokia Connectivity Framework (NCF) plugin tool. You can launch the emulator from NCF UI.
    As current Series 60 SDKs do not support multiple instances, you need to create a copy of the SDK to be able to run two emulator instances. Simply just copy-paste the whole SDK folder with its subfolders in the Windows explorer and rename it.
    So technically you have then two different SDKs. The other way would be to use two different SDK versions (like 2.0 and 2.1).

    NCF tool can be found in forum.nokia.com/tools section.

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    Originally posted by seppo_fn
    As current Series 60 SDKs do not support multiple instances, ...
    In NCF, it is possible to start multiple instances of the same emulator (if you add your own product with multiple instances enabled), but since they all use the same bt.esk file, they end up using the same virtual com port for BT communication as well... I think NCF allows you to change the port that an SDK uses instance by instance, so you might be able to work around that, but copying the SDK is much more straightforward at this point.

    Maybe seppo is refering to having multiple instances of the same emulator EXE running simultaneously regardless of NCF... I don't know what that does.

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    i can't get this to work, iget ncf to work perfectly with sdk 2.1 and 2.6, but when i make a copy of the 2.1 it dosn't send any bluetooth signals at all. everything looks allright, i have no comport conflicts or anything else.

    and sdk 2.0 seems to have the same problem as my copy of 2.1 everything looks allright but no bt messages are sent.

    please please help me with this, i have no idea what to do and i really need to get this to work


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