Hi, I'm trying to pass the image I got throw the onboard-Camera to the Semacode SDK method "RunExampleL",
but the decode thread raises an Exception with the message "Application closed. recogThread".
I suppose, that this is because the Image from the Camera is in CFbsBitmap format.
Is it possible to use it directly with semacode or should I encode it first to a jpeg and then decode it in the RunExampleL?

My code looks like following:


// The same method as the RunExampleL in the Semacode SDK example project
// but without debugging stuff
// it uses iBmp, which I fill within the ImageReady method

void CMobileClientAppUi::Decode(){
LoadBmpFromFileL(); // loads iBmp not from a file but using the AppView->getBitmap();
// After i uncomment the next lines, the exception raises
TInt error2 = iEngine->StartAsyncL();
if( error2 != KErrNone ) {

// Callback method from Camera API to save the picture in the View
// aBitmap holds the current picture

void CMobileClientAppUi::ImageReady(CFbsBitmap* aBitmap,HBufC8* aData,TInt aError){
if (aBitmap) {
iAppView->SetBitmap(aBitmap); // the view holds the picture
// the picture is taken, lets decode it

// the method from the Semacode SDK example project
// I've changed it to get the camera taken picture

void CMobileClientAppUi::LoadBmpFromFileL()
// My method: getting the camera picture from the View
CFbsBitmap* mybitmap = iAppView->GetBitmap();

// original Semacode method: seems to work without any problems
//CFbsBitmap* mybitmap = CImageLoader::LoadImageL(_L("C:\\Nokia\\Images\\Semacode.jpg"));

Thanks a lot!