I'm thinking MIDP can let me append some message in the Alert whenever the midlet need to do something regarding permission? For example, I create a SMS MIDlet, it has to create a connection to wait for any incomming SMS. In my Nokia6230, it must show me an Alert to ask me whether allow it or not. But the message is very not clear, like "Do you want to create a network connection ?". If I call setMessageListener(), it will show me another Alert like "Are you sure ?". I think those message would make user confused and make them suspect the MIDlet would do something harm to them. Thus, I think, MIDP can allow us to append some custom message end with the original one ? Like, "Do you want to create a network connection ? ((( Hi buddy, don't worry, I'm going to create a connection to wait and accept any your friends' SMS. :-) )))". It's my own wild think.. hehe

*I'm not talking to set the permission to "always allow". Of coz, it can stop brining users trouble whenever start the program. But I hope to let them know what're we doing are all LEGAL thing and they can rest assured.

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kok chai,