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    Where is the system Agenda file?

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to retrieve the agenda entries from the phone such that I can backed it up somewhere.

    However, some questions confuses me.

    1. How many agenda files are there? As from the SDK it says that to we need to first connect to the RAgendaServ and after which i need to do an OpenL() in which one of the argument requires an Agenda file.

    2. Is there a centralised file where all entries are stored??? if so what is the name for this file?

    I've took a look at the document "Using Series 60 Platform Calendar APIs" but not of much help as the agenda entries that the example app is using is externally provided as part of the code. I need to know how to obtain the entries from the phone itself or is it not possible?

    Thanx a lot!

    Chie Ping

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    The calendar appointments and todo/tasks are stored in the file C:\System\Data\Calendar (one file).

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