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    What type of Memory Card Shud I buy for N6600?

    I wanted to know, what kind of card is required for Nokia 6600. By default it provides 32mb external. I wanted that to be 256mb. Whether to buy :-
    SD memory card
    Flash Memory Card
    Memory Stick..
    or none of the above.

    Pls let me know about the card specification and also if i could know about the pricing of the card.


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    Memory card for N6600

    None of the above.

    N6600 comes with a 32mb MMC card, and this is what you need.

    I tried using an SD card (my camera for example can use both SD and MMC), but it is not recognized.

    Pricing should be easy to find.

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    MMC = MultiMedia Card

    An MMC card looks like SD, but is thinner and has a slightly different connector (so, be sure *NOT* to buy SD, but MMC).

    They're available in sizes at least up to 1GB from different manufacturers (TEC, Kingston, ATP, SanDisk, etc.).

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