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    purposes of JAD file

    hi all,

    I am coming "back to basics" after working 1 year in J2ME.

    question is, why do I need JAD file ?

    - because I can directly indicate link to .jar file, if I am downloading via wap and its working fine.

    - .jar file itself contains .mf (menifest file) which contains all the details that .jad file has (except MIDlet-size option and some other optional options)

    - is Jad is just for push messages that I get atleast twice a day from my operator but that also can be done by providing a direct link to the jar file.

    I just want to know additional uses of JAD file or what are the purposes JAD file can be used for (for operator/developer/user) ?.

    best regards

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    Two reasons I know of:

    Operators like T-Mobile etc, will want a jad file, thats just how they work.

    Secondsly, you can put extra data in the jad file.


    -- snip --
    foo: bar
    -- snip --

    And get it using getAppProperty(), in this case, getAppProperty("foo") would return the string "bar"

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