I am developing a J2ME application that uses the Nokia UI API FullCanvas class so that the UI will be full screen, 176x208.

The app is communicating with a remote server over a GPRS connection. This makes the OS to overlay a capital 'G' symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, to indicate that a GPRS connection is in progres.

This 'G' is very ugly looking, it has no transparency for its background and the result is that our UI look very bad while it is showing with the black 'G' and its white background covering our UI.

So, what can be done about this.

1. Can the 'G' symbol be removed? Either by us developers or by active choice from the user?

2. If not, can the 'G' symbol be made better looking with transparent background?

3. Does Nokia have any Guidelines for developers on how to handle this? Is this handled the same for all Series 60 models and versions of MIDP? Is the 'G' symbol always placed on the same spot?