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    Nokia 5410 J2ME RFID API?

    We are working on a possible project that would use a Nokia 5410 with an RFID jacket. Does any one know about the J2ME APIs to talk with this RFID jacket?


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    It seems that Nokia has some proprietary protocol for connecting to shell devices.

    "FunShell API Specification For Game Developers v1.0 en" downloadable from http://ncsp.forum.nokia.com/download/?asset_id=11928 shows that the datagram URL to connect to on FunShell covers is "lcif://GAME/joystick/1.0".

    On the other hand here on developer discussion boards there was a conversation (readable on http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...threadid=49208 address) that on GPS shells the same URL would be "lcif://GPS/control/1.0".

    Now my lucky guess would be that the RFID Reader Shell datagram URL would be "lcif://RFID/(something)/1.0" if the same rules are used as before. FunShell API says this (something) is the "feature" used.

    Personally I think Nokia should support more open standards on these cases. If anyone has any more information about how the shell works or if I'm wrong in this then he/she can correct. Of course if Nokia itself can give information about the protocol it would be nice.


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