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    Nokia 6820 + firmware 5.28 = MIDP 2.0 ?


    I've been trying to get info about the improvements the new firmware (5.28 if I'm not mistaken) has over my current firmware (4.25) of my Nokia 6820.

    More specifically, I want to know if it enables MIDP 2.0 (instead of MIDP 1.0 which I have now).

    If this is not the case, then it is possible to upgrade my 6820 to a 6822 (which does have MIDP 2.0) ?

    I have already called a NSP, but they didn't have a clue

    I want to know this before I have a firmware upgrade performed, since it's going to cost me 35 euros. I don't mind paying this, but I do mind paying this and still end up with MIDP 1.0

    Thanks for any response !


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    With a firm ware upgrade u cannot change MIDP 1.0 to MIDP2.0
    thatz sure.....

    Also U cannot upgrade a 6820 to a 6822 with a firmware update; thatz also sure.....

    The new firm ware will only be having some bug fixes ; no more big difference that we could notice......


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