TinyLine SVG Player and SDK 1.8.2 released.

TinyLine SVG Toolkit is SVG Tiny Player and SDK. TinyLine is Java and runs
on various Java flavors (J2ME MIDP2.0, Nokia Series 60 MIDP, J2ME Personal Profile,
Java 1.1 - Java 1.5).
TinyLine can be used on variety of devices that are not shipped with built-in
SVG implementations: mobile phones, handhelds and desktops.

The TinyLine SVG Player provides precise and accurate SVG Tiny rendering,
full support of animations and events.
See samples at http://www.tinyline.com/svgt/samples/samples/index.html

The TinyLine SVG SDK makes it easy for Java applications to deal with SVG Tiny
content. Using TinyLine SVG SDK, a Java application can straightforwardly
integrate SVG Tiny viewing capabilities.

This release contains a large number of improvements, bug fixes and some new features.
People using SVG Tiny through the TinyLine are highly recommended to upgrade
to this release.


Thanks for your continued interest and support!

Andrew Girow,