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    Full Duplex Audio Streaming

    Hi ,

    I got following info from Symbian FAQ ...

    "the Symbian OS reference design does not support full duplex audio because
    the audio policy has been designed to be simple 'one-shot' audio playback /
    recording i.e. only one application will have any audio at any time. This
    policy is in the non-standardised part of the audio subsystem DevSound and
    so phone manufacturers are able to include full duplex audio in their own
    designs if they wish.
    At present only the 6630 (based on Symbian OS 8.0a) has included a full
    duplex audio policy. This is, however, restricted and has to be initialised
    into full duplex 'mode' via a proprietary request. "

    1. Does that mean one who has Development license can update the audio policy to test this on development board
    Or it can be done only by Phone Manufacturers ?

    2. Is there some detailed documentation(exhaustive list of API's supported ) available for Symbian OS Development kit Source Code types A-G?


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    Re: Full Duplex Audio Streaming


    You can search for 'full duplex' in this forum and you will get more info regarding this particular issue(Symbian FAQ) and also the list of full duplex supported phones and some help on APIs as well.


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