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    Cw Ide


    I have Series60 SDK 2.0 installed on my PC (WINDOWS2000).

    When I installed CodeWarrior(R) Development Studio for Symbian OS, Version 2.8.3 in my PC and tried to import a mmp file from example code in SDK in was not able to load the mmp.

    After that I am not able to compile the code from DOS prompt, which i could do earlier. It is giving following error:

    (X:\Series60Ex\helloworldbasic\group>bldmake bldfiles

    \epoc32\tools\bldmake.bat was called but is not supported in this release.}

    But earlier i was able create bld files.

    If anybody has faced this problem pls let me know.

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    were you using CodeWarrior before? or was it VC++?

    In any event, you should rather install the SDK after your IDE. So what I think will help you would be to re-install the SDK.

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