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    Post TimeZone problem at Nokia 9500


    I am facing a problem using TimeZone in Nokia 9500. I use Nokia Developer Suite 2.2 and Symbian80 emulator. When I test my class using the simulator, it looks fine. But when I deploy it into my Nokia 9500, TimeZone resulting unexpected result. What should I do ? Please someone help me.


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    I'm having similar problem with Nokia6600

    Formware 5.27.0 28/06/04 NHL-10

    TimeZone.getTimeZone() thows and exception instead of returning a valid TimeZone object.

    I guess.. It's all tied to J2ME runtime bug when the phone is set to a negative GMT offset, which is half of the world

    I'll just have to move to the other half...
    [ Or tell my users that they should move... ]

    Does anyone know when Nokia plans to fix this bug?

    I'm suprised that this problem is known for a long time but never got any mentioned in their "Known Problem List"


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