I am a register developer of Nokia Forum. I am actually a student of BSc and developing a project for MMS. It includes an originating application and a terminating application for PC's. I mean that I want to send and receive MMS from PC to Mobile Terminal. I have already gone through all the PDF, standards, Protocols, and Java MMS Library. I am currently using the Nokia's Developer's Suite integrated with Symbian Series 60 SDK and Adobe Golive. What I wanted to ask is that I want to develop a front end to generate the MMS to be send to mobile terminals with generating the MMS code with Java MMS Library online. How can I use these tools like GoLive and NDS for generating such application which can generate MMS. Please guide me about this. Currently I am using Adobe for generating SMIL and sending them as MMS and testing it through Emulator. So how can I do this all through my application and I can test that MMS with Nokia EAIF Emulator or Symbian Phone Emulator available with Symbian SDK 60 series.

I would be eagerly waiting for your response by any source.