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    Subproject in CW 2.8


    I'm building project with plugin architecture and some static dlls. Everything is fine, but it is very annoying to compile every project separately before main project. So I found, that CW supports subprojects (some sort of dependency in VC++ 6). But I have a problem with them. As I read, I need to add project file (mcp) of some subproject into main project. But this doesn't work for me. Does somebody know what should I do to compile subprojects before main project with one F7 press?

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    I would recommend looking at the IDE_User's_Guide for its section on subprojects(pg 39), if you haven't already. Im not sure why you wouldnt be able to add the subprojects, here is the info on adding subprojects:

    The IDE builds subprojects for an application’s plug-ins before building the parent project for the application itself.

    Use a subproject to organize a separate set of source files and build targets inside a parent project.

    1. Open the parent project in which to add a subproject. The parent Project window opens.

    2. Click the Files tab in the Project window.

    3. If the parent project has more than one build target, use the build-target list box in the Project window toolbar to choose the desired build target.

    4. Add a separate project to the Project window:
    • Drag and drop the .mcp file of the separate project into the Project window, or
    • Choose Project > Add Files to add the .mcp file of the separate project.

    The IDE treats the added project as a subproject. The subproject appears in the Files view of the parent Project window.

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