How can I develop my SyncML client and what Series 60 v2 API I need? (smartphone nokia 6600).

My Series 60 SDK v2 don't have any pointer to the SyncML API&documentation, although on the symbian.com I have found some documentation and some API(CSmlSession,CSmlController and etc) to the Symabian 7.0v

After have a good look at my Series 60 SDK v2 I have found some *.h files (nsmldsadapter.h,nsmlsynchronizer.h and ect) with classes (CNSmlDSAdapter , RNSmlSynchronizer and ect) and a lib file (sml.lib) but documentation are absent.

Now I am confused,
I don't know what i need and why my SDK don't have the documentation ,and the API are vastly different.