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    MMS content protection crackable ?

    2 questions about protection.

    auvinent wrote these content can't be forwarded in MMS (List is not explicit):

    Wallpapers, OP-Logos, SP-Midi, Midi, Screen savers, J2ME, Ring tone.

    Now my question is: what if user saves the content on his phone (ex.: SP-Midi or Ring tone), then create a new MMS on his own and insert in it the saved content? Can he insert a Ring tone or a SP-Midi previously saved?

    If it's possible, this seems the same way than forwarding MMS ...
    Question 1: is this possible?

    If it is not possible, can user have a direct access to files just downloaded by MMS and rename it? Can he rename tone.mid in tone.gif?
    If so, he could rename downloaded tone.mid in tone.gif, sending the tone as image (fake) to a friend, then friend could rename tone.gif to tone.mid and use the tone.
    Question 2: is this possible?

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    RE: MMS content protection crackable ?


    The subject of this item is irrelevant. We don't recommend developers to break any copy protection laws or copyrights.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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