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Thread: error in 6670

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    error in 6670

    I have a software, it can run at 6600 correctly.
    But it run at 6670 error.
    it opens but I just have the time
    to see the name of the application displaying and the
    application closed immediatly ang bring me back to the
    general menu.

    Who know the reason?

    Please tell me the reason.

    Thank you very much.

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    The 6600 is based on Series 60 2.0 (or "Series 60 2nd Edition").

    The 6670 is based on Series 60 2.1 (or "Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1").

    The developer of the application has used programming calls that have not been documented in the 2.0 SDK (Software Development Kit), and which have changed in 2.1 (and thus no longer work as the programmer expected).

    Altertnatively, the developer has used documented calls in a fashion that no longer works (e.g., he/she could be ignoring certain error conditions that the system allowed earlier, but doesn't any longer in the newer version).

    Or, the developer is relying on hardware features or functionality in his application, which does not exist (or behaves differently) in the newer device.

    So, contact the developer and see if there is a newer version of the application.

    As you didn't say what software you have, exactly (application name, version, vendor/developer, etc.), it is hard to say much more.

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