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    Subject: How do I put my wonderful smil file an a phone?

    Hello Messaging Experts,

    I have created a smil message, and tested it
    with the NMIT (Nokia Mobile Internet Kit).
    Now I want to
    1) put it on my own phone, for test and demonstration purposes.
    If possible via bluetooth (series60v2 phone)

    2) send it to other phone, probably with mms.

    I found no easy way to achive 1), which has confused me, because this should be simple. If I transfer the presenation as ".smil" file, it will be opend as text file. If I convert it with the NMIT into a ".mms" file, the phone give me an error about an unknown file format.

    For 2), I probably need the help of a service provider.
    Is there a way to just send such a smil file with email or http-post to such a service provider? Does anbody know
    if a service provider in germany offers such a service?
    Or do I need to dig into all these mms specifiction documents and write special java programs using these different mms libraries?


    Karsten Meier

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    I have the same problem with MMS

    I have the same problem when I want to display a MMS message build with a SMIL.... My Nokia 6670 does not recognize the format (I have used bluetooth for copying the mms file)

    I have check severals mms files, also from the examples and anyone works if I just copy them from my PC to my cellphone...

    I have read that the first generation 6600 didn't have problems dealing with all this stuff...

    I have check also the content-type compatibility... and for my surprise I have found that this nokia 6670 and 6630 does not have:


    but It have:


    ... I am very lost in that moment... cos I have run all my MMS with the Nokia serie 60 emulator and perfectly works...

    Maybe copying MMS files "as if" is not the correct way?

    Shall I need to use the telecom MMS gateway??

    Thanks for all!

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    Re: Subject: How do I put my wonderful smil file an a phone?

    I have tried to download the mms file from web server to my phone and it failed. But if I send the MMS Notification to the phone and the phone will retrieve the mms file, it's ok.That means the mms file can be viewed with phone. So maybe the proper process is that first NW sending the MMS Notification to the phone and it retrieving the mms file.

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