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    Transfer files from PC to 3510i

    OK, apologies for asking a question regularly asked but I couldn't find direct answer in forums.
    I wish to develop content - multimedia, midlets etc. on the PC and then transfer them to the 3510i (and a number of other mobiles).
    I have seen all the mention of OTA but doesn't this incur a phone charge for downloading. Obviously I will need to test this option later but, while I'm developing, I will want to shift data across on a regular basis.
    There has been mention of the Nokia PC Suite but it seems that the3510i is not supported.

    What cables and software will I need to manage this process without resorting to uploading to an Internet site?



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    For the file transfer you can use for example Oxygen Phone Manager II. As for the cable -- good luck with that. It took me several weeks to determine which exact cable type is required for the 3510i, and now I have forgotten the name of it.

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