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    Unhappy How Do I get User Information ??

    I am developing my WAP site using WML+ASP scripts.
    I want to know how do I get my visitor's information like..
    1. Mobile No
    2. Browser type
    3. Handset type

    Other then above I also want to know how can I use Cookies ?

    I need your guideline ... pl help!

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    Some operators pass the MSISDN (the phone number) in the HTTP header, when the traffic goes through their WAP access point/gateway. All of them don't. Some of them will charge a fee for the info.

    It won't happen through Internet access points.

    The browser type is in the "user agent" header. Look also up info on UAprof (User Agent profile) using the search function here, on http://www.openmobilealliance.org and perhaps also your favourite search engine(s).

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