I've been trying to play lots of kinds of midis since the day I bought the 3220.

They just wont play. Ive tryed everything:

I've tried the Edit Sounds thing on the last version of Nokia PC suite, I've tried to use all kinds of editors, cropping the midis to less than 7 kb, removing tracks to less than 5 channels.... everything. Only a few midis, like 2 in 10 will play. And all of the ten works perfectly on other cellphones without having to edit them in any way.

Lots of people have asked that in the forum, and they havent got any response.

I think that the less they could do is creating some software that fixes any midi file to be played on the phone, but nobody knows why the phone cant play them. It is not file size, it is not number of midi tracks........ who knows what could it be.

I think it is obvious that the 3220 midi system has bugs and errors the nokia people dont want to accept because they are selling those cells at the momment.