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    Setting wallpapers

    Hey guys
    I am new to symbian and I would like to know how I can set an image as a wallpaper.I would be very happy if one of u guys can tell me how I can implement this programmatically.Help of ant sort would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Unfortunately, there is no public API for this job.

    But you may try an alternative way (please be aware that I've never actually tried this, so I cannot guarantee that it will work, or that it will not destroy your phone..:-)

    1. create the MBM file with two bitmaps, the size of the first one is 144x132 and the second one is 143X101 (this one is the "dimmed" version)

    2. put the bitmap in the place of the current image (c:\system\data\backgroundimage.mbm)

    3. restart the phone (or at least phone application)

    You may also look through this forum, maybe you will find a better solution.

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    Can anybody tell me if it 's possible to chk Wallpaper Change or Screensaver change on Emulator ??

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