Macromedia’s Mobile and Devices team is continuing to expand, with successes with the likes of NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Samsung, and Nokia. We are now adding to our engineering team the position of Senior Software Engineer, based in Finland.
You will work closely with various engineering teams inside Nokia. You will be the primary engineering representative to Nokia, and act as the engineering liaison between Nokia and Macromedia. You will understand Nokia’s requirements for Flash, help define where and how to use Flash, explain APIs, help integrate Flash into the Nokia environment, and provide general engineering support to Nokia. You will also collect feature requirements and general feedback from Nokia, and address these with Macromedia’s core product team.
If you would like to be the resident expert on Macromedia products for Nokia.•Guide Nokia engineers to use Macromedia products effectively and efficiently.
•Explain integration requirements, APIs, and test requirements for Flash.
please email our european recruiter