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    BT Security Manager for FP2

    I used the example code of "using bluetooth security Manager overview" to set the security for a specific sdp Uid.
    It works for Symbian V6.1 but not using FeaturePack2(V8.a).
    The class "RBTSecuritySettings" is deprecated in FP2 and is renamed to "RBTSecuritySettingsB".
    I found the classes "TBTDeviceSecurity" and "TBTServiceSecurityPerDevice" in header file btdevice.h.
    I can't find them in the SDK-Help, but I think they can be used to set the Security for a spefic bt-Device by using its address.
    Is it still possible to set the security for a sdp uid using FP2? Are where any documents about it, or source code?
    How is it possible to set the Bt-security in FP2?

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    some of the Bluetooth APIs have changed in Symbian OS 8.0a (corresponding to Series 60 2nd Edition, FP2 & FP3), including setting of service security.

    The changes have been described in the README_BLUETOOTH.txt file that you can find in the SDK installation package (in the s60_2nd_fp2_sdk.zip, for example).

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    Hi Seppo.

    I' ve searched for the README_BLUETOOTH.txt, but I coudn't find it and also no other documents about this. But I looked for the security settings in the corresponding C++-header-files. Using Symbian Os 8.0a it is not possible to set the security for a special sdp service uid. So I tried this, and it works:

    TBTDeviceSecurity devSec(EFalse,EFalse,EFalse,EFalse);

    But I think I've disabled the whole security. Do you know a better way to disable the security only for a serial port connection described in the nokia point-to-point example.

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