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    Using PIM optional package with emulator


    I'm currently developing a MIDlet which reads contact names and numbers from the device's phone book. The target device is the NK 6100 which AFAIK supports PIM.

    I wish to run my MIDlet on my PC while testing but I don't appear to have the javax.microedition.pim package installed.

    How do i install this?

    I am running NetBeans 4.0 with the Java Wireless Toolkit 2.2 and have also tried running on the Nokia Series 40 SDK.


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    You will have to install the Nokia Prototype SDK for JAVA.

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    Smile Re: Using PIM optional package with emulator

    Get the WTK2.2 from http://java.sun.com/products/sjwtool...nload-2_2.html
    You might as well get the patch as well.
    There is also a 2.3beta if you feel like testing this.
    Make sure you have 'PDA Profile J2ME (JSR 75)' selected.
    The above worked for me.

    You can also find more documentation on how to use the API on:
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