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    SIP on real devices

    Hi @all,

    I downloaded and installed the Nokia SIP Plug-in 3.0 as recomended. I had no problems during the installation. I couldn't find any information about how to make SIP work on a real device. I found lots of documents tha describe how to test this Plug-in with Terminal-Emulator applications.
    I don't think that for examplemy 6600 has allready the SIP Libraries installed. But I can't find any documents that describe how to update a Series60 Phone with the new SIP-Stack.
    Thx for any help.

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    Hello Gian,
    you can find the .sis of the SIP Stack here:


    just scroll down the downloadable items

    If you download and install the SIP SDK too, somewhere inside there, there is also the .sis of an example application called ChipFlip that you can test with a real SIP Server or with the SIP Server Emulator coming with the same SIP SDK.

    If you can't find it e-mail me and i'll send it to you.

    Hope this helps,

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