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    command-line tools for Symbian phone/desktop file management?


    I am looking for tools that can copy/delete/detect files between the Symbian phone file system and the desktop. "DesktopFileMan" can do it in a GUI way, but it is not what we need. We are doing software regression testing on Symbian phones, which requires everything running from a script, including the copying of test cases to the phone, launching it, waiting for the finish of the test, detecting the existense of the out file, copying back the out file back to desktop, comparing the out file with chk file, etc. I tried hard to find a command-line tool that could do things like this

    symbianfilemanager.exe copy c:\something.sis PHONE\c:\App
    symbianfilemanager.exe detect PHONE\c:\App\HelloWorld\otuput.txt
    symbianfilemanager.exe delete PHONE\c:\App\HelloWorld\otuput.txt

    Would you suggest some products? Thank you very much.

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    I'm afraid I don't know of any yet, but I grant you that I'd like to see such an app, too. It'd be very useful in many situations.

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