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    weird CANCEL button behaviour


    we are developing on series 60 v1.0 (3650, etc).

    our application dials a voice-call to a specific number. generally when the user initiates a voice-call by himself, he is able to cancel that voice-call all the time by pressing the "cancel button" (ie. the red button). The user is then presented the previous screen, he has seen.

    We ran now into a weird behaviour of this "cancel button", when our application initiates an voice-call (using RCall:ial).

    It starts dialing the number and then if the user presses manually the "cancel button" we receive an "System error(-2)". (-2 means "KErrGeneral")

    This error comes only if the cancel button is pressed _during_ the dialing or if the dialed number was wrong. (if the calling party picked up the phone, we can w/o problems cancel the call)

    I dont know how to debug this or get more information on that topic.

    Every hint is welcome.

    Thank you,
    Matevz Sernc

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    symbian development
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