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    COD and JAD clarification

    i have been working since long to be able to download Java applications and midi files with the install notify functionality. Could u please lemmi know in details as to how can i go ahead with this. I have successfully downloaded the Java appalications and Midi files to my 3410 and 3510 respectively.Now i want the install notify fuction. Do i need to write some script for this notification , if yes , could u give me an example.If no, then do i just make a cod file as given in eg. and proceed, but i tried , making a cod file and proceeding , but it didn;t work. Can u please explain in detail, how should i proceed with this install notifyfunctionality

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    RE: COD and JAD clarification


    You need to do some parsing at the server side to keep on track with the installation status. We don't have an example code for it, but it should be fairly simple parsing to do. All it has to basicly do is to separate the status messages and keep on track of those.

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    V / Forum Nokia

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    failed tests


    I've tested the following options in JAD configuration file:

    on the following configurations:
    -NOKIA 3650
    -NOKIA 7650
    -NOKIA 3100

    with parsing POST datas with apache server (php) and .NET

    The thing is that all those mobiles sends a POST request to the notify page but the parsing of those datas give empty values, why ?

    Nothing is post to the delete notify page

    Messages are well write on mobile

    I'd really appreciate any tricks


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    We have an example in Discussion Board how to use install-notify with COD method:


    Please take a look at this one to benchmark you code?

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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