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    Help newbie: which tools needed to develop for s60

    I'd like to experiment with a couple of application ideas for s60 phone, just for fun.

    Which development platform you think is the best and most affordable? I know Borland C++, I have read of Codewarrior although I have no idea how it "feels". However, both of these are commercial and cost a couple of hundred €'s.

    Is there a cheap or free option available? And which building blocks are needed? My PC has Windows in it.

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    As far as I understand, there is a free version of Borland C++ Mobile edition. Links can be found from Forum Nokia or from borland site.

    It has drag&drop UI for Symbian GUI design and works with several SDKs. I've never had the debug working, but compiling for windows versions and for device targets work like a charm.

    If the debug worked, I'd love this tool over any else, but as it won't (for me) its completely useless (well maybe UI design is worth it). I wouldn't want to write a program and debug it in a real device via debug log file - Live single stepping on a live emulator is a lot easier ;-)

    CodeWarrior may be a good tool also, you can download a 90 day personal trial version of it.

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