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    Question CIntConnectionInitiator KErrNoMemory

    I'm using CIntConnectionInitiator (for an application targetted at v1.2, there'll be a v2.0 version later, the client has a big boxful of v1.2 devices they don't want to throw away just yet) to set up a connection for a link to a server on the internet.

    Normally this works fine but after some time I'm getting a KErrNoMemory from the call. Which would normally indicate a memory leak, which has filled up the phone.

    So I'm running a memory monitor, which shows there is plenty of free memory and that none of the threads is particularly close to its 1Mb max (the socket server crashes when it gets to 700kb - a limit I found due to another leak elsewhere)

    My conclusion was that actually its reporting KErrNoMemory when something else has gone wrong. Once it starts reporting this it never stops, every further call, even deleting and re-NewL()ing the object will give the same result.

    Anyone got any ideas for either recovering from this situation, or, ideally, not getting into it in the first place?

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    I would use

    db = CCommsDatabase::NewL(EDatabaseTypeIAP);
    db->SetGlobalSettingL(TPtrC(ASK_USER_BEFORE_DIAL),(TInt)EFalse );
    FOR S60v1 devices, rather that CIntConnectionInitiator. CIntConnectionInitiator in my experience inewer works ok.

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