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    how to implement username and password

    Hi ,

    kindly provide me the information regarding " how to implement username and password edit boxes" after providing the username and password it has to send the details to a predefined url. i had seen the cipher example provided in the sdk, i think it is not sufficient to implement. kindly provide which api's are required and what are the design issues to be considered while designing.

    repply as early as possible.

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    you could fetch the username & password text strings from the user in many different ways:

    1. with dialogs: see query examlpe
    2. with controls in containers: see editor example
    3. with Series 60 dialogs: see forms example
    4. with settings list contarols: see settings list example

    The connection to the url could be also done in many ways. For example using sockets (see sockets example) or HTTP or WAP.


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