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    Post How to notify about wrong username and password in Pop3 example

    HI all
    In the pop3 /imap email example given on forum nokia. We call the function

    to invoke the asynchronous function . If its succesful it wil get completed but if its not then the corresponding error code would be set in the iStatus variable. I wanted to know how we can check the various POP3 error codes and how can we notify the user about these errors .I am using the Nokia pop3 /imap email example. Any help in this context would be appreciated.

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    problem more clarified

    I am using the the POP3_IMAP4_Email_Example given on forum nokia. I need to know one thing very urgently as how can we trap the error codes If the user gives wrong username or password in the email account he created on his phone. Now when we call the function ExecuteConnectL() in the CPop3Mail::RunL() function.
    It will call the

    // Connect to remote mail box
    void CPop3Mail::ExecuteConnectL()
    // reset our status
    iStatus = KRequestPending;
    TBuf8<1> null;
    // execute the pop3 connect command

    which calls void CPop3Mail::MailCommandL(TInt aCommand,TDes8& aParams)

    in which
    shuld return the succes code or the failure errror code in the iStatus of iOperation.
    Now if i check the value of
    iOperation->iStatus.Int(); it shuld give the succes KErrnone if it was successful
    or KPop3XXXXX if their was error either on the user part or some other error due to any reason .
    but it doesnot gives us the error code. Can u please tell me where I am wrong. Where can we check for error code and how . i need to find it urgently.Can u help me in traping the error codes .
    please help
    expecting reply
    thanks in advance

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