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    Installation instructions for series 60 sdk


    Do we really need to use such an old java version? Where are the installation instructions found? I did not see that list before!

    1.install Visual studio 6.0
    2.install Visual studio 6.0 service pack 6.0
    service pack is freely availabel on net download it
    3.restart the system
    4.install active perl
    5.install java sdk j2re-1_3_1_01-win( not other version)
    6. restart the system
    7.install the series 60 SDK
    8.restart the system
    9.install application wizard by going to

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    It may be (just guessing) that the SDK relies on 1.3 behaviour (with its bugs and features) and none other fully works.

    You can have several JRE's installed on a single machine and organize and/or enable/disable those per platform version (if need be) via Java Control Panel applet (see Java tab-> java application runtime settings->view). That functionality exists atleast with 1.5.

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