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    Starting out and 6680 or 6630?


    I'm new to Java mobile development but my background is games programming since 1986...c64,sega,nintendo,ps1,ps2...

    I have a game running on the InFusio Simulator written in Java and wish to now get this working on Nokia phones....

    I have just signed up to nokia developer forum and have a few questions to get me started....

    1) I'm about to update my phone and I'm interested in 6630 or 6680 phones, are these both good phones for Java games? I understand they are Symbian OS based, but they do run Java games as well don't they?

    2) If I target the 6630 or 6680 initially what SDK do I need to download?

    3) Once I have the game running on the simulator how do I download it to my phone for testing? With InFusio you would have to PAY every time you download the game to the phone!

    Many thanks for any help you can give me at this early stage.

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    Functionally the 6630 and 6680 are pretty close. I prefer the 6680 myself.

    They both run MIDP 2.0 Java midlets (J2ME, Java 2 Micro Edition).

    They are both also based on "Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2".

    Development tools you can get starting here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,65...,00.html#tools

    There are many ways to get developed apps to the phone:

    - Simple Bluetooth send from your PC to the phone, open from inbox and install
    - Use PC Suite (http://www.nokia.com/pcsuite) to install them directly on the phone
    - Copy the file using the supplied DKU-2 USB cable to the phone and install
    - Send the file as an email attachment to an email address which you have configured the phone to access, open the attachment and install
    - Put the file on a web or WAP server that you connect to using the phone's browser, download and install

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