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    How to connect PC n PHONE by bluetooth

    Hi I had download bluecove but my phone can not connect with pc when my phone run runing as client midlet..
    My phone nokia seri 60....
    What i have should do??

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    Re: How to connect PC n PHONE by bluetooth

    I have the same problem

    I have a problem with bluecove creating a server, that is able to be found by the mobile phone and establish connection.
    When I use the example of benhui's website, mobile is server, pc is client -> no problem. But PC server, Mobile client -> finds rarely the server, if pc is found the connection cannot establish correctly. There is no error or log i can show you, the server simply "waiting for connection..." while the phone tries to connect.
    Nothing happens

    Same problem on different machines (different PC, different mobile)

    please help me out, need this for a project

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