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    Unhappy Installation problem of *.jad on NOKIA 6600

    I have develop application using Serie 60 SDK ,Midlet 2.0
    Using Messaging.
    Trying to install applicaion on Nokia6600
    I m geting error .
    "Midlet requires unsupported version of java"
    Pls. help me for solution

    Amol Amlekar
    +919850 729605

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    Atleast in JAD file you have to specify permissions to use certain features with MIDlet-Permissions

    MIDlet-Permissions: javax.wireless.messaging.sms.send

    I have used MIDP 2.0 features without problems in 6600 including messaging.

    My sw version is v3.42.1 16-10-03 (which is fairly old even).

    Make sure you compile against right SDK and do not use for instance any CLDC 1.1 features.

    For the "unsupported java version" I haven't received such an error, so I don't know exactly what could be wrong there. For instance if you'd use a missing API the phone would report another error.

    It is possible to generate code for particular JVM version (depending on building tools).

    Do all of your midlets give same error, or only the one with messaging features?

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