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    Symbian 60 c++ developer needed

    We are looking for a developer to complete a mobile phone application written in c++ for Symbian 60.

    The mobile application will work with a web application we are also constructing and will:
    - be installed in response to a WAP push from the web application
    - accept updated parameters and data from the web application
    - synchronize data with the web application
    - send SMS messages
    - receive WAP push messages
    - provide a user interface for data entry and display
    - implement custom controls

    The ideal person for this contract is an excellent, experienced, highly productive, well organized developer who has completed several major Symbian c++ applications and is very familiar with Symbian communications and custom controls.

    We are in San Francisco, but we can work with a developer who is in another city or country.

    If interested, please reply with:
    - a resume or list of relevant experience
    - your availability (starting when, for what period of time and how many hours per week)
    - your desired rate

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